How to plan and write notes and ideas for working and personal affairs in one service
How to plan and write notes and ideas for working and personal affairs in one service
The story about how an approach to taking notes and planning has been evolving over a year. Affairs, notes, ideas, tasks, knowledge, links… How to keep everything in your head and don’t forget
May 1, 2023
How to launch on Product Hunt
How to launch on Product Hunt and reach the TOP 5 in 2023
April 18, 2023
how to make a plan
How to make a plan: step by step for everything from one day to all life
April 12, 2023
how to become a writer
How To Become a Writer: step-by-step guide
April 4, 2023
swot analysis
13 Effective Tips for Conducting a SWOT Analysis in Project Management
March 31, 2023
basic design principles
TOP 8 Basic Design Principles Every Designer Should Know
March 28, 2023
how to character design
How to design a character: TOP 14 tips according to the xTiles designer
March 19, 2023
how visual dashboards can help you in your life
The Benefits of Visual Dashboards for Entrepreneurs
March 19, 2023
how to be a more productive person
How to be more productive using xTiles every day
March 14, 2023
perfect trip planning how it looks like
How to plan your trip, so it doesn't turn into a nightmare: universal tips from xTiles
March 9, 2023
best tools for freelance and remote
9 Tools for productive remote and freelance work in one service
March 6, 2023
project management soft and hard skills
The 15 essential project management skills and how xTiles can increase all of them
March 2, 2023
How to create an ideal mood board
How to create an ideal mood board: the ultimate guide
February 27, 2023
How to be more creativity
How to find creativity inside, break a block, and generate new ideas: xTiles recommends
February 23, 2023
Personal Planning with xTiles
Personal Planning with xTiles as a way to succeed
Everything about personal planning for everyday
February 20, 2023
how to be more organized
How to be organized in your life with xTiles: simple tips that actually work
There is no one-fits-all answer on how to organize your life. Depending on your goals and lifestyle, your way of getting more organized will differ from anyone else’s.
February 14, 2023
How to use xTiles for Knowledge Management
Busy Student Marc Hoogendorp Uses xTiles for Knowledge Management
Post-it notes were once Marc Hoogendorp’s constant “companion” — the ever-present ally for note-taking, organizing, and task management.
December 1, 2022
How to use xTiles in teaching process
English Teacher Lawrence Gibbons Uses xTiles for Fun Interactive Online Teaching
November 30, 2022
How to Run Remote Workshops - use case
Messaging Strategist Yongi Barnard Uses xTiles to Run Remote Workshops
Yongi Barnard runs 1-to-1 remote workshops to help founders develop their value proposition, positioning strategy, and brand messaging. xTiles provides structure and organization to these workshops.
November 30, 2022
xTiles for learning anything
Learning Consultant Mike Taylor Curates Content and Boosts the Learning Experience Using xTiles
November 30, 2022
books writing with xTiles - use case
Prolific Writer Jack Ricchiuto Used xTiles to Write His 31st Book
November 29, 2022
How to use xTiles for Task Management and Digital Files Organization
Productivity Enthusiast Rokas Kerpauskas Uses xTiles for Task Management and Digital Files Organization
November 14, 2022
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