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💻  A web-first app crafted for productivity enhancement

👍 Web clipper and additional functionalities for gathering comprehensive information

💙 A visual and flexible interface for attractive organizing information

📱 Mobile apps for on-the-go planning

😉 Ready-to-use planners and templates for a seamless beginning

🔁 Suitable for both synchronous and asynchronous teamwork

xTiles vs Anki

Task Management
  • Anki is not designed specifically for task management
  • Anki's core functionality revolves around flashcards and spaced repetition for learning and memorization, rather than task management
  • xTiles merges customizable projects with built-in tasks
  • Tasks can be created from any note
  • Access all your tasks across projects and on the mobile app
  • Anki is not designed specifically for database
  • Build your collection (database) as you work on your project
  • Collection items can belong to several collections simultaneously
  • Freedom to merge canvas and collections within a single project
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$12 - monthly (Personal Plus)

  • Compare Anki and xTiles for Task Management: Anki is not designed specifically for task management. It core functionality revolves around flashcards and spaced repetition for learning and memorization, rather than task management. On the other hand, xTiles combines task management with customizable projects and offers advanced features like recurring tasks and Google Calendar integration for paid users.
  • Database: Anki does not have a database function. xTiles offers flexible, visual, and easy-to-use collections (databases)

Convincing features

Here are a few more reasons why you should give xTiles a go...
Tasks, Reminders, Assigns
Schedule and focus on what you're working on.
Visual Search
Instantly find notes, switch docs, and move content between projects.
Nesting Blocks
Add more details to your notes to diverge your thoughts and ideas.
Import and Export
Import or Export projects with PDF, PNG, and Markdown files.
Calendar view
Create notes directly linked to your calendar with one-click.
Kanban boards, tables, galleries, and more. Customize any workflow.
Two sided-backlinks
Converge your knowledge and see all needed contexts for your stuff.
AI Assisstant
Work faster. Write better.
Brainstorm new ideas and first drafts

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