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Our one-of-a-kind team

Hi, we are xTiles! Creators of the easiest tool for ideation, thoughts, and creativity enhancing people's productivity. We want to give one of the greatest gifts of our century: enabling people to devote more time to creative work and less to routine.
Meet our talented and skilled professionals who are dedicated to the idea of doing the xTiles app.
Maksym Kuchur
Mariia Lvova
HR manager
Vitalii Chasovskyi
Ira Nykytchuk
Andriy Tabunshchik
Head of acquisition
Anton Ishchenko
Product manager
Bogdan Romaniuk
Growth Manager
Artur Volokovykh
QA engineer
Svitlana Popovska
Marketing Manager
Igor Lyhodey
Backend Developer
Aly Yarmoliuk
Dmytro Novyk
Senior Frontend Developer
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