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Visual tool to Organize Information

Capture, Structure and Present with card-based pages
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xTiles is
a workspace for organizing notes, links, images on a page visually as if Miro and Notion had a baby. Curate, present and collaborate in one place
Our power is
in simplicity and flexibility. You can easily arrange and visualize your ideas and thoughts with just a few onboarding steps
We help
you add more value to notes and documents. Keep the focus, see the big picture, and structure content to free up some extra time for creativity

Create a page in a visual way

  • Write down your thoughts, capture anything with the mobile app, and collect data using web-clipper
  • Mix and match various data on one page
  • Drag and Drop items to draw the picture of your ideas

Manage your data and stay focused

  • Copy and link tabs and tiles across pages to synthesize a new content
  • Get automatic connections between pages
  • Expand tiles and tabs to deep dive and collapse them to get back to the big picture

Make a value for your team or community

  • Share pages via email or a link, present public pages to clients, and partners or students to spread your knowledge
  • Collaborate on pages, write comments, make reactions
  • Get together teammate ideas and notes in a workspace to build your Team's Second Brain

All the features you need

Drag and Reuse
The flexible interface lets you arrange and reuse all elements.
Simple Editor
Type without overwhelming, it will be beautiful by default.
On all your devices
Full access to your notes securely from mobile devices.
Browser extensions
Use the Chrome Web Clipper to save info from any visited sites.
Import & Export
Move in or out of xTiles at any time using markdown or PDF.
Bi-directional links
Connect your knowledge like the LEGO pieces.
Multi-parent Nesting
Keep a note in different places at once.
Synced Blocks
Sync and edit content across multiple areas at the same time.
Start with our templates
Copy and modify it as you wish.
Brainstorming note
Research note
Article note
Competitive analysis note
Personal management note

Secure and Private

Our infrastructure is designed to be secure and constantly monitored. All your data is cloud-hosted and protected with security and privacy.
  1. Real-time backups and SLA 99.9%
  2. Information encrypted at rest (AES-256) and in transit (forced SSL)
  3. Strict policies and controls to prevent staff access

Always stay on the same page with your creativity!

Access your notes instantly on all your devices with our dedicated mobile apps.

Join our community and stay tuned
for product updates

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