Advanced techniques with tiles, blocks, and other tricks

In this video, you will learn how to select several tiles in a row, insert content and a link and turn off an image. Also, here you will find out how to change the position of two tiles and create an internal bookmark link.

Selecting multiple tiles:

You can easily select and move tiles in xTiles.

How to select multiple tiles

You can select specific tiles by selecting one by the tile header and clicking one after the other while holding "Shift" or "Ctrl" for Windows and "Command for Mac", even on the content inside.

Copying tiles

Once the tile or tiles are selected, you can do the following:

  • Copy either through the menu of one of the chosen tiles or by "Ctrl + C / Command + C (for Mac)";
  • Cut both from the menu of one of the highlighted tiles and with "Ctrl + X / Command + X (for Mac)";
  • Duplicate via the menu of one of the selected tiles (duplicates will be created on the empty space of the canvas in the same tab);
  • Use the "Copy to & Move to" function in the menu of any of the selected tiles. This option will be available if there are two or more tabs in the document;
  • Also, you can move one tile with DnD (Drag)  by grabbing the desired tile by its header, pointing to the needed tab (we will move to a tab), and releasing it at the necessary place on the canvas.
"Copy", "Cut", "Duplicate", "Copy to & Move to" functions are accessible for one tile and a set of chosen tiles.

Pasting tiles

To paste copied or cut tiles, you need to find the necessary document (tab) without selecting tiles or blocks and press the key combination "Ctrl + V / Command + V (for Mac)".

Move items between tabs

You can move blocks between different tiles, tabs, and even pages.

You can move elements in different ways.

Select any necessary blocks; it can be done like this:

  • "Press the RMB" and drag on the desired blocks to highlight only in the current tile;
  • Hold down the "Ctrl/Command" button and use the "RMB" to single-click on the necessary blocks, selecting elements even in different tiles on the tab;
  • Put the cursor in the necessary block, and after holding down "Shift", put it in the last block you need. The result will be the selection from the first to the last block.
  • Place the cursor in the desired block and press "Shift" after using the "Up/Down" arrows; you can select block by block in the current tile.
  • Once the desired blocks are selected, you can move them in several ways:
  • Put the cursor on the menu icon of any of the selected blocks until the cursor appears as a "hand", press the RMB and move the block to another tile. If you want to move the objects to another available tab, you need to hover over the necessary tab with the grabbed blocks; then, the tab will open, and you can move the captured blocks to another tile of the tab;
  • When the desired blocks are selected, press the key combination "Ctrl/Command + X" and put the cursor in the new desired location. Then press the key combination "Ctrl/Command + V", and the result will be that the selected blocks will move to the newly selected location.

External link menu

You can easily attach links to third-party resources.

To insert a link, you need to copy it from your browser's address bar and paste it into the wanted location.

Once pasted, the link will be in the form of an informative card with a picture, title, and the link itself.

The link can be easily renamed, and you can enable/disable the attached picture.

Exchanging of tiles

The "Exchanging of tiles" feature is convenient, especially if you want to place the content you wish to, for example, above or below. It doesn't require relinking with DnD and can be done in just two clicks.

  • Highlight the two tiles that you want to exchange places. Above each will appear an icon as two arrows. When you click on it, tiles with content will change places;
  • You can also use the hotkeys when the desired two tiles are selected. Press the key combination "Ctrl + Shift + Q / Command + Shift + Q (for Mac)".

Changing a tile style

Any of the created tiles or a number of selected tiles can be set to an individual style.

To set your tile style, you need to click on the tile menu button and then hover over the "Tile style" item. After that, you will see a list of possible styles:

  • Color;
  • Style, Full Fill;
  • Style, Color Header;
  • Disable/enable border.
To set or change the style for multiple tiles, you need to select the necessary tiles, open the menu of any chosen tile and then pick the style and color for them.

Show/more one tile and all tiles

You can quickly expand/collapse both one tile with hidden blocks and all the tiles that are in the tab with one click:

  • Use hotkeys, press "Ctrl + Shift + F / Command + Shift + F" to expand and collapse ALL of the tiles on the current page;
  • In the menu of one tile, command "Show/More";
  • Click on the text "show.../less..." at the lower right part of the tile.

Creation of an internal link to the page (bookmark)

You can create a bookmark on any page of xTiles.

  • Just copy the link from the address bar of your browser and paste it onto a canvas or into an existing tile, and the service will create a bookmark with the page name from the link itself.

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