Basics for pages, tabs, and attachments

In this video, you will learn how to drag content from other resources directly to our service. How to insert a file, and how to copy and paste an image. In the image settings menu, insert a video from YouTube, and switch to another document from a notification. Copy someone else’s document, copy and paste tabs from a document and rename tabs, as well as duplicate and delete tabs

Downloading files

You can upload and store any files on any of the tiles.

The easiest way to add files to your tiles is to drag and drop them from your desktop. You can add images, PDF files, and documents of different formats.New files can be added from your computer, and there are no file size limitations.

Download files from your device:

  • Through the block type menu;
To achieve this, select the desired block in the tile, call the block type menu (by the three dots icon or by calling the menu with a slash) and find "File" in the list. Then the "Explorer" will open, select the desired file, and then the selected file will be loaded to the place where you called the menu of block types.

With the Copy & Paste command:

  • To accomplish this, select the desired file on your device and press copy via the context menu or hotkeys "Ctrl/Command+C";
  • After on the desired tab or page, just press "Ctrl/Command + V". The result will be that the service automatically creates a tile and paste the copied files into it.
  • Select the desired block in the tile and hold down "Ctrl/Command + V" or in the context menu of your browser, press "Paste";
  • Paste by dragging the desired file from the device to the required area of the tile.

Downloading images

xTiles makes it easy to add, resize and place images in any configuration or format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.).

  • Click on the icon "Images" on the right side of the empty block when you hover your cursor over it. Then a modal window will open, where you will be in the "Upload Image" tab. Then, by clicking on the button "Choose an image", the explorer will open from your device, and when you select the desired image, it will be uploaded to the chosen block.
You can also call the image loading window from the block type menu by "/" or through the three dots icon, where you should find the "Image" item. All the upload options will create an image block on your page.
  • You can copy the pictures you want "Copy / Ctrl+C/Command + C (for Mac)" and then paste "Ctrl + V/Command + V (for Mac)" either on the canvas (so the focus is not shifted from the tile or block) or in the desired tile block. If loading goes into a block, you can use the operation and paste it from your browser's context menu.
  • You can also paste the picture using its URL. To complete this, copy the image address and paste it onto the canvas or into the necessary block, automatically creating the image block.
  • You can also drag and drop the image onto the page you want.

Downloading an image from unsplash

Get access to free, high-quality images and photos to use for any of your projects.

In order to use this function, you need to:

  • Call the "Image" window:
  • Through the menu by "/" calling in any of the blocks and selecting the item "Image";
  • Via the three dots menu in the empty block and selecting the item "Image";
  • From the icon of the image in the empty block.
  • Select the "Unsplash" tab.
  • Use the image search or select the pictures offered randomly. To achieve this, click on the required button. The result will close the window and create a picture block.

Applying custom settings to the picture

Setting the display for pictures, GIFs, and YouTube videos

Change size

To resize, hover your cursor over the menu icon for the image block and click; the settings menu will open:

  • By default, the media will be in "Full width" mode; you can disable this mode by clicking the button twice or applying any other size "Small, Medium, Large".
  • Depending on the media size and the tile itself, you can choose the "Left, Center, Right" positioning in the settings.
Note that if the media is set to Full width or Large, the position selection most likely won't work. Also, the media size selection is not dependent on the tile size but the size of the original media size. The media will not expand further if the original media size is smaller.


  • Hover your cursor over any image file and click on the block menu icon.
  • Select download to save the image file to your device.


  • Open the image to full size and in the upper-right corner, click on the download icon (near the close icon).

Viewing in full-screen mode

  • For full-screen viewing, hover your cursor over the image and double-click the image to open it on full screen.

Inserting YouTube video link

You can add YouTube videos anywhere on your xTiles page.

  • Paste the YouTube video URL into the desired empty block or just on the canvas.

Inviting  to a document with editing rights

Easily invite people to your document to start working and creating collaboratively.

There are several ways to add participants to your doc:

  • On a tab or page, click the "Share" button;
  • The window that opens will show information about the participants with their names, profile photos, email addresses, and roles on the page.
  • The document owner can change the role of any participant at any time, as can the editor. Only the editor cannot change the role of the document administrator.
  • You can change a document's privacy settings below, making it public. Those with a link to this document can view it, even if they are not registered, users.
  • By putting your cursor in the field under "Share & Invite", you can link Google contacts and quickly share the document with your contacts;
  • If you enter the email of the user you want to invite to the document, you can choose his rights. Is editor, reader, or commentator:
  • Editor: can edit, create, move, copy, paste, comment, and delete all content on the page;
  • Reader: can only view the content on the page, does not see comments;
  • Commentator: has the same rights as the reader, only with the ability to comment on any block and see users on the document;
The invitee will receive an invitation by email or notification and will immediately be able to join the collaboration if previously registered.If the invitee is not registered with xTiles, they will be prompted to register when they click the link in the email notification. Registered users of xTiles will be prompted to sign in and will also have the option to find the document under "Shared Pages".
If you accidentally sent an invitation to the wrong email address or made a typo and now want to delete the invitation, click on the drop-down menu next to the invited user and select delete.

Invitation at the link:

  • You can copy the link to the document you want to share from the address bar of your browser or the "Share" menu (if the document is public).
  • You can send the link to the user you want to share it with:
  • The user will request access to the document; if the document is private, you will be notified with an access request with a choice of permissions (editor or reader);
  • If the document is public, the request will be for editing.

Switching to someone's document from a notification

If you have been invited to a document, you will be notified with information from whom the invitation is from, to which document, and with what rights and date. You can quickly go to that document.

Duplicating someone's page to yourself

You can duplicate any page where the administrator has given you any rights. It can be a reader mode, even if the document is public, or you have been given permission to edit the page.

How to do it:

  • If you are currently on a public document and are not registered/authorized, you can click on the "Copy and edit" button. It will take you to the registration/authorization page, and after logging in, you will have the document in your "Personal pages".
  • Also, you can click on the authorization button directly from the public document, and then this document will be opened to you again. On the panel next to the document title, you will see an icon, "Copy to personal". A copy of the document will be created when you click on it. The word "- copy" will be added to the name of the copy of the document, and you will jump to the document automatically.
  • If you are in a document with edit or read access, you can duplicate the document you are on by using the "Copy to personal" icon. It is located next to the document title.
Even if you own the document, you can create a duplicate of your documents through the three dots menu and the "Duplicate page" command. It will take you to a copy of the document, and the word "- copy" will be added to the name of the original title. Or, when you are in the list of your "Personal pages", click on the three dots menu icon on the desired page and select "Duplicate page". It will create a copy of the page next to it, and the word "-copy" will be added to the original title.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I change the content of a copy of a page, will it affect the original page?

- No, the copy's content is unrelated to the original page's content.

How can I duplicate page content to another existing page?

- Select the content you want (tiles, blocks), then copy and paste it to another tab you want. You can use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V or Cmd+C/Cmd+V for Mac.

Can I duplicate multiple pages at once?

- No, this is not possible at this time.

Can I share my page with other users as a template, so they can duplicate it?

- Yes, of course! Just send them a link to your public document.

Creating a new tab

You can create a new tab effortlessly by clicking the "+" icon and typing the title of the new tab.

In this case, the new tab will be created as the second one, and the first one will be with the page title.

Copying a tab and pasting it into another document

You can copy any tab to the buffer, whether it's your document or someone else's. Only you should know that you can copy only those documents where you have editing rights. Then, after copying to the buffer, you can paste the tab to your page or another document where you have editing permission for the content.

  • You can copy any tab to the buffer, whether it's your document or someone else's. Only you should know that you can copy only those documents where you have editing rights. Then, after copying to the buffer, you can paste the tab to your page or another document where you have editing permission for the content ;
  • Next, you need to go to the page where you want to paste the tab;
  • In the menu with three dots next to the page title, you will see "Paste a tab". Note that if the tab were not copied, there would be no such menu item;
  • When you click "Paste a tab", the copied tab will be added to the selected page and open immediately.

Duplication of a tab

Easily duplicate tabs on the same page by just opening the menu with three dots. It is near the tab title, and select "Duplicate" in the menu.

It will create a duplicate of the tab next to it and add "-copy" to the title. The field with the tab title is open. If you want to keep the name, just close the field or change the name of the duplicated tab to any other one (up to 150 characters).

Removing a tab

You can very simply delete the tab you do not need.

Go to the menu with three dots next to the tab title and find the option "delete". Then a window will open asking you to confirm deletion or cancellation. When you click on "Delete", the tab will be removed.

Attention! Restoring a deleted tab at this time is impossible; the action of deleting a tab is non-reversible, and "Undo (Ctrl+Z)" will not work in this case.

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