Customize and style your content

In this lesson, you will learn an additional way to quickly create tiles and how to change styles and duplicate them. It will also show you how to create checkbox lists, turn them into item types, add a sub-list, undo changes, and add a page to your favorites.

Creating a new tile with a double click

  • "Double-clicking" on a blank canvas area allows you to create a default-sized tile.

Duplicating of a tile

You can duplicate already created tiles with content in various ways:

  • Via the tile menu for one or many selected tiles;
  • Via "ALT+RMB". You have to hover over the tile header until the "hand" cursor appears, press the "RMB", hit "ALT" and pull to the desired place.

Changing a tile style

Any of the created tiles can be set to an individual style, or a set of selected tiles can be set to a single style:

- In order to set your own tile style, you need to click on the tile menu button (the 3 dots icon), then hover over the "Tile style" item. After this action, a window of possible styles will open in front of you:

  • Color;
  • Full tile coloring;
  • Only tile's header coloring;
  • Off/on coloring borders.
To set or change the style for multiple tiles, you just need to pick the tiles you want, open the menu of any selected tile and then choose the style and color for them.

Turning content into a list

  • You can quickly transform created blocks.
  • Almost any text block, except tables and links, can be turned into a text block of any other type. To use the possibility of creating a list on the block, you need to call the menu of this block, hover over the "Turn into" item and select the desired type of the block.

Creation of a nested list

Any of the lists, as well as the text, can be nested with "Tab". And, to bring everything back as it was, you can use the key combination "Tab + Shift".

Undoing changes

You can cancel any change on the page with the "Undo/Redo" buttons or with the "Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Shift + Z" hotkeys.

Adding a page to favorites

Each page can be simply added to your "favorites list" for quick access from any page and workspace. You can do this by clicking on the "Star" icon on the requested page.

You can remove a page from the favorites once you click the "Star" icon again, or from the favorites list by clicking the "X".

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