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October 20, 2022
What's new

Export in popular file formats is now available in xTiles!

Need your content to be exported in a Markdown, a PDF, or an Image format? Now any xTiles page can be exported in one of this file formats. With the help of the Markdown, you can open your file exported from xTiles in other text editors or make local backups of your documents. Export in the PDF or the Image format to share your document as a file

A fan of a dark mode? Just switch to it in your profile and enjoy! We know many of you were waiting for it :)

The dark mode can also help you to lose eye tiredness.

Insert your tweet link to display it in xTiles just like in Twitter

All you need to do is to copy & paste the URL of your tweet into xTiles. You will get a neat embed of your tweet in a document.

Play uploaded audio files right in your document page

You can upload an audio file right from your computer, and xTiles will automatically turn it into its own audio player.

Create tiles even quicker with the new features

Easily create a new tile next to the other with a single click. Just hover over a tile area you want to create a new same-size tile next to and click on the Plus sign.

Sometimes you might need to focus on a single tile when inputting your content.

Focus mode is a new feature you can use to expand any tile to the full screen and edit it. Just double-click on a tile's header.

Do you switch from one document to another quite often? We added a left-side navigation bar to simplify this process.

Using the left sidebar you can easily switch between documents in any workspace. In the bar, there are Recent and Shared folders, as well as the ability to create a new page.

What's improved
  • Drag-and-drop area was added when uploading an image
  • Help Center menu structure updated
  • Content parsing for when copying the content from external sources and inserting it into the xTiles document updated
  • The button for the full-screen image view when hovering over an image block is now displayed
  • A focus on further text input is now automatically activated when the "Simple Note" tile template used
  • A menu with all the steps in the "Getting Started" tutorial window, including additional steps, has been added
  • A new document page is now automatically created with a default tile
  • To-do list added as a template for a newly created tile
  • A default document sort order in workspaces is updated. Now they are sorted and displayed by the last update
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