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December 13, 2022
What's new

Now you can add a cover page to the document header to make your document even more visually appealing and outstanding!

Just hover over the document's header and click on the appeared "Add Cover" button.

Now your publicly available document may look like a regular web page for an unauthorized user.

Just add a new cover to a header and make your document publicly available. The footer of the document (page) will be added automatically.

You may also notice some changes in the view of the pages menu (tabs) of xTiles documents in the mobile version of the web app.

Make a text of your documents brighter by changing font color and a color of the text highlight!

Available in the formatting panel of text blocks.

Mobile App:

You can finally create new documents!

You can now create:

  • Documents;
  • Document pages;
  • Tiles.

You can now share content not only to the Quick Notes but also to any document of yours.

There are some improvements of the Sharing:

  • You can now input your content to the Quick Notes when you're offline and it won't be lost;
  • File download on Android 10+ has been optimized;
  • Colored text display added.

Numbered lists improved:

  • List creation with prefixes ‘n. ‘, ‘* ‘, ‘- ’ implemented;
  • Numbering of lists from an arbitrary number implemented;
  • A built-in YouTube player added.

Download the iOS app here, and the Android app here

What's improved

Web App and Desktop App:

  • Stylistic improvements in the mobile web version;
  • xTiles now remembers the previous choice of document view (list or tiles) on the document control panel;
  • xTiles now remembers the last choice of a document from the left panel for a more convenient switching between documents;
  • Redesign of the sign-up & sign-in page;
  • Tab command now also works in the empty block;
  • The ability of deleting a user's document cover on the main screen added.
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