Release notes & Changelog

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April 12, 2023
What's new
  • Block-color for displaying a color code.
  • New columns types for tables: Select and Multiselect.
  • Formatting panel for multi-selected blocks.
  • New colors to tile styles.
  • Markdown style: Type "()" followed by space to create a task.

Mobile App:

  • Added toggle lists;
  • Added an audio player for audio files;
  • Display of checkbox, number, date, select, and multiselect column types in tables;
  • Display of the Color block;
  • Switching the display of internal links and sub-documents.

Download the iOS app here, and the Android app here

What's improved

Web App and Desktop App:

  • Ability to highlight any column in a table.
  • Code block improvements.

Previous releases: