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May 29, 2024
What's new
  • Collections: New property type "Image"
  • Collections: New property type "File"
  • Collections: New property type "Person"
  • Collection Table view: Quick actions at the column level:
    • Group by this property
  • Hide column
  • Teamspaces:  Special window for quick creating a team space with inviting team members.
  • Teamspaces: No access level to the projects
    Ability to restrict team space members' access to specific projects.
  • Teamspaces: Members in the teamspace as a group
  • New sections for projects "All" / "Favorites" / "Templates" / "Archived" within a workspace
  • "Archive" option for the project
  • Choice of link type when inserting it into content  "Link / Bookmark / Card / Embed"
  • Collection Gallery View: Redesigned card view and toolbar for adding different types of cards
  • Collection table view: Column color
  • Focus Mode: "Back" button to return from a related card to the previous collection item

What's improved
  • Quick access to the collection templates in the page creation menu within a project.
  • Collection: Compact display of URL in the values of the "URL" property type
  • Collection: Enhanced collaboration workflow
  • Collection Board View: Improved DnD (drag and drop) option of columns
  • Collection Table View: Hide column icon option
  • Collection Table View: A new "Rename" option has been added for the primary column "Name"
  • Collection: Increasing Multiselect and Relation values to 3 rows in the filtering window
  • Collection: The "Close" option for Properties and View settings panels on outside click (misclick)
  • Collection: Automatically populate Select/Multiselect properties when creating items with set filters
  • Collection: Automatic thousand separator in the Number type property
  • Redesign of the project list view on the Home page

Bug Fixes
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