Release notes & Changelog

We're continually improving the experience of xTiles and adding new features.
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What's new

Don’t hold back. Express your emotions freely by reacting to any block in a document.

We added a simple way to express your emotions in xTiles. You can add built-in emojis to blocks to express gratitude, celebrate success, or cheer the doc’s author up.

We continue diversifying blocks for the easy content organization in own documents and added a new type of block – the “Small text” block.

Now you can improve the construction of your posts, notes, subtitles, etc., using specially-designed blocks.

Don’t waste your time. Here’s the ability to create your own templates!

Now, you can save any document as your own template for quick and easy use in the future.

Have been struggling with transferring your data from other services? Now you can import everything that you want from MarkDown files.

We added the ability to import information to our service. You can import *.md files created in xTiles or other services.

Automation of border disabling for tiles of small height

Due to constant research and communication with our users, we know that many of you prefer to use tiles of 3 or fewer points in height as a headline of a page canvas. That’s why we automated the disabling of the tile border after resizing the tile to 2-3 points in height.

Have been feeling uncomfortable with the Quick Notes (QN) toolbar opening? Now, the QN opening button is available all the time.

We have finalized the QN toolbar opening. Now you can open the bar in a document and from any workspace.

What's improved
  • We have finalized multi-level lists. Now a list nesting can go up to 7 levels.
  • We added the ability to play Youtube videos in the services from the nested time code.

Mobile App:

New features:

  • Now you can grant/change/deny access to your documents via the mobile app;
  • We have finalized recent documents sync according to a user with the web version;
  • Also, we added the ability to ask for access to a user’s other documents.


  • We’ve fixed some of the issues with content sharing in QN in iOS;
  • Now you can remove the deleted documents from recent, favorite, and from a search for content sharing;
  • Fixed issues with adding pictures to tiles;
  • Fixed sharing from Youtube in the mobile app;
  • Fixed the issues with editing color-highlighted text.

Bug fixes
What's new

Now you can add a cover page to the document header to make your document even more visually appealing and outstanding!

Just hover over the document's header and click on the appeared "Add Cover" button.

Now your publicly available document may look like a regular web page for an unauthorized user.

Just add a new cover to a header and make your document publicly available. The footer of the document (page) will be added automatically.

You may also notice some changes in the view of the pages menu (tabs) of xTiles documents in the mobile version of the web app.

Make a text of your documents brighter by changing font color and a color of the text highlight!

Available in the formatting panel of text blocks.

What's improved
  • Stylistic improvements in the mobile web version;
  • xTiles now remembers the previous choice of document view (list or tiles) on the document control panel;
  • xTiles now remembers the last choice of a document from the left panel for a more convenient switching between documents;
  • Redesign of the sign-up & sign-in page;
  • Tab command now also works in the empty block;
  • The ability of deleting a user's document cover on the main screen added.

Mobile App:

New features:

You can finally create new documents!

You can now create:

  • Documents;
  • Document pages;
  • Tiles.

You can now share content not only to the Quick Notes but also to any document of yours.

There are some improvements of the Sharing:

  • You can now input your content to the Quick Notes when you're offline and it won't be lost;
  • File download on Android 10+ has been optimized;
  • Colored text display added.

Numbered lists improved:

  • List creation with prefixes ‘n. ‘, ‘* ‘, ‘- ’ implemented;
  • Numbering of lists from an arbitrary number implemented;
  • A built-in YouTube player added.

Bug fixes
What's new

Now your links in xTiles documents are even more stylish! Create your own collections of books, movies, purchases with the card view — it's visually clearer.

Links have three views now: text, bookmark and card. It's very convenient, try it out!

Another way to organize your documents! Now we have placeholders for basic blocks.

You can find these blocks in the general menu of creating blocks, which is initiated by pressing (+) to the left of an empty block or inputting "/" in it. There go types of the new placeholders:

  • YouTube block;
  • Image block;
  • Bookmark (link) block;
  • File;
  • Audio.

More colorfulness! xTiles pages can now be styled. It further improves navigation in a document.

Did you reach your block limits but not ready to pay yet? Use our referral program:

Share a personal link with your friends. You will receive additional blocks as soon as they sign up.

If you're fond of Markdown (or just appreciate every second), now you have a faster way to create Heading 1 and Heading 2 blocks.

It's very simple: in empty block, start writing "# " for Heading 1 or "## " to create Heading 2.

Your Favorites are now always at hand.

Favorites now appear as a separate category on the list of workspaces in the left panel and on the workspaces page.

Mobile App

  • Blocks multi-selection, their subsequent copying, duplication, deletion and conversion;
  • Paste blocks keeping their formatting;
  • Copying and sharing tile into other apps;
  • Markdown export.

Download the iOS app here, and the Android app here

What's improved
  • Initiating numbered lists with any number;
  • Fuzzy search with keywords in the general menu of creating blocks;
  • Quote block styles;
  • Placeholder "Untitled" in document titles;
  • UX on login and signup pages;
  • UX of export ;
  • Readable file names after export or file download;
  • Hotkeys:
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Up/Down arrow — moves block(s) along a tile;
  • Ctrl/Cmd + C and Ctrl/Cmd + X now copy/cut content of a block if the cursor's in it.

Mobile App

  • Full-screen mode and zoom for images. Save image;
  • Conversion panel of selected blocks;
  • Synced logic of the Recent category with its web version.

Download the iOS app here, and the Android app here

Bug fixes